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Argos custom frames are "made to measure". In order to ensure a perfect fit between man or woman and machine, we have used a special fitting jig for over 30 years. This jig allows us to alter the frame size, top tube length, seat tube angle and handlebar extension length. We can also change the pedals, saddle and handlebars to suit the customer.

The rider pedals on the jig against a resistance, which can be altered electronically. We can measure cadence, speed, power output and pulse rate. Using this information together with our expertise from many years of experience, the rider's position is adjusted to obtain optimum pedalling efficiency. The type of riding to be undertaken governs the other position parameters, and when both customer and ourselves are satisfied with the final position, we take the measurements from the jig.

The information from the jig is then entered into the computer program, which we have developed to calculate each frame tube length and mitre angle. We also enter the steering geometry details, which depend largely on the use of the frame, together with the brake depths, to obtain the precise geometry of the frame and forks. This data is then used to cut the tubes accurately.

To achieve the precision required, the frame tubes are mitred and cut to length on a lathe, using purpose made tooling. All frames are built on jigs, which we have designed to ensure that the frame is true, and in track and also without any built in stresses after brazing.
The prepared tubes are first assembled on the frame jig and all the joints inspected to check that each tube mitre fits perfectly and that the frame angles are correct.
The jig is then locked in position. If the frame is to be built with lugs these are now fitted. This procedure ensures that all the tubes fit to each other inside the lugs, which is the secret of a responsive frame. The frame is then brazed, using silver or nickel bronze brazing rods, depending on the type of tube being used to build the frame.
The front forks are built in a similar fashion on a fork jig.

After brazing, the frame and forks are shot blasted to remove all of the brazing flux. They are then inspected and the lugs filed prior to any fittings being silver brazed onto the tubes. After the cable guides, bottle cage bosses, etc are fitted, the frame and forks are again inspected and finally shot blasted ready for painting.

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